"One should not take anybody's responsibility away, but one should help everyone to bear his responsibility."

This statement by Heinrich Wolfgang Seidel probably best describes why we love what we do with conviction. Because we feel responsible for the well-being of our fellow human beings and the animals that accompany and enrich our lives with their unique nature. And that's why we just want to help animal owners to live up to that responsibility. This manifests itself not only in our sustainable concepts and our special products, but above all in our attitude to the environment and the way we deal with it. This attitude is reflected in every process of our product chain, and every little step is shaped by that.

Our own products are developed with great care and tailored to the needs of humans and animals. Every product from our range is practically thought out, has proven its worth over the long term in everyday use and meets our high quality standards. This is confirmed by the feedback of our customers and not least through our own experience as a dog owner and - you can count on that - as probably the most critical tester in daily use.